Just some of the services we provide

At Minnesota MowPro, you will receive professional, insured and licensed service on every task we perform for you.  If you not happy with your service you won't pay. 


It's your yard and we want to create a partnership with you to have the best yard you can.  We do this by providing timely service when needed to keep your yard healthy and green.  We understand the correct length to cut and when and the type of fertilizer that is needed to make this a great partnership.  We also carry that commitment over to our snow removal services, because we care about your property.

Monthly lawn Care


We provide only the best monthly Lawn Care package available. What's included
you ask? You will find that our rates for cutting, trimming and a monthly fertilizing treatment is almost what you pay for fertilizing alone from some companies. 
If you are using our services for the whole season you will also get a spring and fall clean-ups and start up and blow outs of your irrigation system at no additional charge. If you were to compare how much you would spend on all those services from another company, you may find for the same price you could have gotten your yard cut weekly for free. Let us get you a quote and you may just question why you have been cutting you own lawn. You time is much more valuable than what you would pay for a care free yard.

Other ereas of professional service

Gardening and landscaping

Together with you, we will develop a harmonious master plan for your garden or your grounds.


Fertilizing service

We only use the industry leading products including Scotts to make sure your
yard is well fed throughout the season. We will also apply weed killer and surpressants as needed. The end result is a yard second to none.

Snow Removal


We provide professional snow removal that is tailored to your needs. 1” and 2” thresholds, continuous service during a snow event, 24 hours, or doors open deadlines are not an issue and are put into a contract that fits your needs. Are you a gas station that is open 24/7 we can remove snow throughout the event, even every each if needed. Are you a daycare and need your driveway cleared by 6am we have a schedule for you as well. Just ask and see what we can do. Have a price you feel comfortable paying for this service, let us know and we can see if we can partner up for the season.


  • Salt and Sand available
  • Sidewalks and back porches included
  • Pre-season prep done to protect you property



Get just one of your neighbors to join in your Snow Removal and I will discount your contract by 10% for evey referral in your neighborhood.  We will also give you 5% for any referrals your referral's bring in.  Work it and you will get free snow removal for the season and if you get 5 referrals I will give you a free month of Lawn care in the spring inculding a clean up and start-up.

AVERAGE PRICING        These are average prices, please call for a free quote


Residence lot size Lawn Care (Week/Month) Snow Removal (Each/Season)
.5 acre $35/$95 $25/$259
.75 acre $40/$125 $35/$299
1 acre $49/$160 $45/$350
2 acre $65/$200 $55/$399
3 acre Call for Quote Call for Quote
4 acre Call for Quote Call for Quote
Commercial lot size Lawn Care (Week/Month) Snow Removal (Each/Season)
1 acre $35/$95 $65/$799
2 acre $85/$240 $115/$1499
3 acre $105/$390 $155/$1995
4 acre $135/$575 $199/$2499
5 acre Call for Quote $275/$2999
6 acre Call for Quote $340/$3499