Welcome to Minnesota MowPro LLC

We are your complete lawn care provider in central Minnesota. We are licensed and insured for your protection. With services that include grass cutting and trimming, irrigation start-ups and blow-outs, spring and fall cleanup, fertilizing, tree and shrub trimming, mulch, lawn edging and the most professional snow removal services in the state. We ask that you compare our services and pricing to our competitors and we guaranty that you will be more than just satisfied with our service.


What makes us different?


Our goal is for you to have the best yard on the block. This means only providing the right service at the right time. We will not perform extra sevices that you do not need or want to pad our pockets. We are not looking for customers but partners and we are always looking for your input, because its your yard. 




Who we are 


We are a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience caring for properties just like yours. We offer professional, insured, and licensed service for our commercial, residential, and government properties.

Gearing up for winter: We offer two types of Snow removal contracts.



You will be billed monthly for snow removal service. Your invoice is the same each month no matter the amount of snow fall or services needed.


Per Snow Fall

You are only billed when we plow. The charges are based on the amount of snow removed and the number of services needed in a given month.



Services are based on you needs. If you have a 1" threshold we can construct a plan for you. If your door open at 6am or you are a 24 hour operation we can help you there as well.